Restorative Justice is a theory of justice that emphasizes repairing the harm caused by criminal behavior. It is best accomplished through cooperative processes that allow all willing stakeholders to meet, although other approaches are available when that is impossible. This can lead to a transformation of people, relationships, and communities.

  • What does Restorative Justice Have to Do With a Pardon Application?

    If there was a victim who was harmed by your criminal offense, the Pardon Board will contact that person before your Pardon Hearing. The Board sends the person a letter seeking their input as to whether you should be pardoned.

    It is difficult to understate how beneficial this form of closure can be for everyone involved. Our client, Eric Pizer, participated in a restorative justice meeting with the victim of his offense. Ultimately, the victim of Eric’s offense forgave him. Not only did this benefit Eric’s pardon application, but this meeting also helped to repair emotional damage to both Eric and his victim. Read about Eric’s restorative justice experience.

    If you are seeking a pardon for a crime that harmed somebody else, you may be an excellent candidate to participate in restorative justice. We can discuss this with you. Give us a call at 608-250-9053.

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