All of the attorneys at Reuter, Whitish & Evans, S.C., are experienced trial attorneys. Whether your case involves a personal injury, an automobile accident, a contract dispute or a consumer law matter, we can help. We are experienced in representing clients in jury trials, administrative hearings and appeals. We provide aggressive representation for our clients. Some of the areas of law in which we have successfully litigated our clients’ cases include the following:

  • Contract disputes.
  • Partnership dissolution.
  • Personal injury and automobile accidents.
  • Commerical and business disputes.
  • Lemon law and other consumer matters.
  • Negligence and torts.
  • Employment law disputes.
  • Real estate matters, including easements, adverse possession and neighbor disputes.

Whatever your dispute or problem may be, our attorneys can help you. We take pride in representing our clients’ interests professionally and in a cost-effective manner.

Additional questions you may have specific to your situation can be answered by one of our experienced attorneys. Please note that the information provided on this website is not legal advice, but is provided for information purposes only. For advice specific to your case, please contact our firm for a consultation.